Our Team

Designer Doulas is comprised of a team of trained Doulas allowing us to guarantee customized support at all times for you and your family.


Amanda and her husband Jaime are Florida natives, but in recent years moved to North Carolina with their two young children Evie and Rory. Amanda loves to read, travel, and participate in local volunteer and community groups. Her background is in special education, but after becoming a mother she decided to follow her other passion of helping families navigate through pregnancy and parenting. She is a Birth Doula trainee (DONA) as well as fluent in ASL/SEE from being a SODA (Sibling of a Deaf Adult).

“Life is full of unexpected surprises, but when you have children you learn to love and embrace those moments. I want to make sure everyone on the path to parenthood feels like they have someone to help them navigate through the new and exciting surprises ahead.” – Amanda


Krystal is a wife and mother who loves cooking, reading, and traveling. She loves spending time with her daughter Eliana and son Aleksander and watching them grow into amazing little humans. It is through this love of her family that she found herself in the business of helping mothers and families. She is a PBi certified placenta encapsulation specialist, Birth Doula trainee (BAI), and Breastfeeding Educator trainee (BAI).

“After having children of my own I realized how important it is to have a good support group both during and after pregnancy. It can really make all the difference when you are trying to create happy memories. You can’t redo your pregnancy or birth, so do it right!” – Krystal


Katie (she, her, hers) is a mom to two boys, Auggie and Hunter, one very large black lab, Archie, and partner to her husband, Jonathan.  Katie has worked with survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence for the last 14 years and currently serves survivors on the campus of UNCG.  Katie became interested in postpartum and adoption work after her own postpartum experience and after hearing from other parents who expressed a need for non-judgmental support in the first year of a child’s life.  Katie is a photographer and a pre-certified Post-Partum and Infant Care Doula (Pro-Doula). 

“Those first few weeks/months after bringing a child home can be so amazing and also so overwhelming.  It is important that parents know they have choices and they deserve non-judgmental support. My goal is to empower parents to make the best choice for their family and gain the skills to thrive as a family.” – Katie